EUVIC Energia

Main Area: IT Projects for Energy services

Location: Gliwice, Poland

Business Sectors: Energy sector

EUVIC Energia successfully competes on the Utilities market by implementing products based on modern business models. We are a company in which a young team , open to new challenges, combines enthusiasm with the experience of industry experts. EUVIC Energia deals with the implementation of IT projects for the energy services sector, where media distributors and sellers play a particularly important role. The company's mission is to provide effective solutions to develop our clients' business. We focus on automation, scalability and simplicity of IT tools. EUVIC Energia implements complex IT projects for professional power engineering and industrial enterprises.

We offer modern applications for distribution and sales companies operating on medium and small volumes of end customers, as well as tools to improve the energy efficiency of large customers.
The innovation of the offered solutions includes both the comprehensive implementation of on-premise IT systems as well as their availability in the SaaS outsourcing formula .