eduLAB is an accelerator operating in the edTech area. edTech is a revolution in the world of science covering all areas of activity - from the use of facility infrastructure, software, IoT, through innovative information transfer and new ways of communication, to entire internet platforms and mobile applications using the principles of computer games and virtual reality techniques (VR, AR ).

We have plenty of experience in developing IT products. 

Our Focus is to multiply our knowledge in start-up project acceleration. We provide to our partners relations in the world of science and business, mentoring and operative support.

eduLAB gives you the opportunity to start a career and supports its development up to the establishment of your own company.

It doesn't matter if you are a lone wolf or you have your own team, you can program or not - if you have an interesting idea for an edTech solution, we are looking for you.

We will become your partner and help you spread your wings.

We work with universities, R&D centers and business - we identify the needs that require solutions. We organize events and collect the best ideas in response to the identified needs. We provide technological and business mentoring for interdisciplinary teams.

We guarantee commercialization of the solution. We set up a company. We help in running a business.

eduLAB Overview