List of companies


EUVIC sp.z o. o.

Main Area: Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Software Solutions, Telecommunications & Hardware

Location: Gliwice, Poland

Business Sectors: Banking, Insurance & Securities, Communications, Media & Services, Government & Education, Manufacturing...

Hohe Gebäude


eduLAB is an Accelerator operating in the edtech area. edTech is a revolution in the world of science covering all areas of activity - from the use of facility infrastructure, software, IoT, through innovative information transfer and new ways of communication, to entire internet platforms and mobile applications using the principles of computer games and virtual reality techniques (VR, AR)...


Main Area: IT Outsourcing & Data Center 

Location: Kraków, Poland 

Business Sectors: IT Sector ...

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Team Connect

Main Area: Nearshore & Offshore IT Provider

Location: Warszawa, Poland

Business Sector: Nearshore & Offshore IT Provider for all types of customers ...


Shared Forces GmbH

Location: Vienna, Austria

Business Sectors: Services



Main Area: IT- Projects & Mobile Solutions 

Location: Łódź, Poland

Business Sectors: Telecom, IT, Transport...

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Edge One Solutions

Main Area: Digital Business Transformation 

Location: Warsaw, Poland 

Business Sectors: Banking, Telecom, IT...



Main Area: Integration, Data Services, Cloud Computing, IT Outsourcing

Location: Warsaw, Poland...



Main Area: mobile apps, web applications

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Have an idea for an app? Need a system to increase your company’s efficiency? Your business needs to grow through new...

Euvic AB.jpg

EUVIC AB (Sweden)

Main Area: Software Development

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Business sectors: Banking, Insurance & Securities, Communications, Media & Services, Government & Education, Manufacturing...



Main Area: producer, supplier & integrator of IT systems

Location: Katowice, Poland

For many years we have been operating on the Polish market as a producer and supplier and integrator of IT systems for various...

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EUVIC Services

Main Area: Software Development

Location: Warsaw, Poland



Main Area: Cloud Solutions,  web and mobile applications

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Business Sectors: Banking, Public Administration, Healthcare...

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Main Area: Software design, production and implementation

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Business Sectors: large companies & SME...

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Main Area: Software Development

Location: Mahwah, NJ ; Palo Alto, CA

Business sectors: Banking, Insurance & Securities, Communications, Media & Services, Government & Education, Manufacturing...



Main Area: Software for Management of Public Administration

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Business Sector: Public Administration ...


IT-Dev Sp. z o.o

Main Area: Internet Portals, Document Management, Custom development

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Business Sectors: Banking, Government6 Authorities, Corporates...

Euvic Limited.jpg

EUVIC Limited (UK)

Location: Peterborough, UK

Business sectors: Banking, Insurance & Securities, Communications, Media & Services, Government & Education, Manufacturing...

IT challenge.jpg

IT Challenge

Main Area: Outsourcing, Business Continuity, Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Location: Cracow, Poland

Business Sectors: financial, telco governmental sector, SME...



Main Area: IT Outsourcing, Software Development, Software Tests, IT Help Desk

Location: Cracow, Poland

Business sectors: Banking and finance, Telecommunication, Health care, FMCG and High Tech companies...



Main Area: custom software production, IT consulting in the field of design and implementation of IT solutions

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Business sectors: insurance and finance...

Euvic Energia.jpg

EUVIC Energia

Main Area: IT Projects for Energy services

Location: Gliwice, Poland

Business Sectors: Energy sector...



Main Area: Recruiting & HR.

Location: Vienna, Austria.

Business Sectors: Focus on IT Sector....

euvic solution.jpg

EUVIC Solutions

Main area: Software Development, Outsourcing

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Business sectors: Corporate sector, SME, government sector, finance& insurance sector...

euvic austria.jpg

EUVIC Software GmbH

Main Area: Software Development
Location: Vienna, Austria
Business Sectors: government & authorities, corporates, SME...

euvic gmbh.jpg

EUVIC GmbH (Germany)

Main Area: Web applications, Mobile Solutions, 

E-Commerce, Team Leasing, Outsourcing

Location: Leverkusen, Germany...

euvic bv.jpg

EUVIC B.V. (Netherlands)

Main Areas: Software Development, Outsourcing

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Business Sectors: corporates, SME, government sector, industry, finance & insurance...

euvic investment.jpg

EUVIC Investments sp. z o. o.

Main Area: Information services

Location: Warsaw, Poland...