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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change".

Charles Darwin

We are strategic investor for

  1. Software Development

  2. IT Infrastructure

  3. Performance

  4. Body / Team Leasing

  5. Tech Innovations

  6. Social Innovations

Currently our Portfolio consists of 64 companies with an average share of 24%.

Countries we are active in

Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, UK and USA

Our History


founded as software development company in austria


first daughter company founded in austria


transformation in stock based company


first international software company founded in poland


start of strategic investor business - first company aquired


extension of business portfolio - first not software company aquired


start of technical innovation -
tech incubator integrated


start of social innovations - sharedforces in austria & germany


let's see where evolution leads to?








Mio € turnover


Our Portfolio

Software Development
Bearbeiten eines Bildes

From standard developement and mobile development to UX/UI consulting to robotic process automation and BI projects and a lot more.

Professional services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom software development and implementation services.

IT Infrastructure
Netzwerk-Hub und Kabel

Going cloud, managing central IT infrastructure, helpdesk as a service, hardware, telecommunications, on site support and a lot more.

Effective management of all necessary IT operational elements, including strategy, processes, equipment, data and human resources.

Digitale Social Media

Digitalization is a wide area. We focus on digital transformation of e.g. sales processes, collaborative Enterprise communication and modern 360° digital marketing.

Delivering the whole process from strategy, through creation, planning and specification to implementation.

Body / Team Leasing
Menschen, die im Open Office

Access to the knowledge, competence and manpower of individual IT specialists or entire project teams with all the relevant skills required for your project.

Seamless integration of remote development teams for clients developing their own software.

Tech Innovations
Bei der Arbeit

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain, virtual reality & augmented reality, education 2.0, Industry 4.0 and smart city.

Technological and business support for innovative IT startups at different levels of advancement.

Social Innovations

Many people are too scared to take the step towards their own service company, because of a lack of capital, knowledge of legal and administrative aspects and a missing network for sales.

The aim of sharedforces is to eliminate all these issues with a a fundamentaly new approach of business - partnering.

Stories & News

Stories / News

EO network joins the group

EO Networks S.A. - listed on warsaw stock exchange - specializes in both creating and maintaining software solutions, as well as providing maintenance services for our discerning corporate market and public sector customers. They build class-leading dedicated solutions, portals, transaction systems, communication tools, information architecture and content management, CRM and ERP systems. EO Networks specializes in bespoke custom development. They also implement third-party solutions and create web and desktop applications. EO Networks is ready to help in the selection of hardware, network and software solutions.

"Our company, as a partner of the world's largest suppliers of equipment, provides a wide range of service, warranty and post-warranty repairs and help-desk services throughout the country. Mar 25th 2021, our ownership of shares, was extended from 12% to 60%".

sharedforces wins e-award

sharedforces is a new kind of business incubator. The target group are people who want to start their own business as classic service providers. This group represents an essential part of the economy and, unlike typical startups, usually has no supporters in the form of an incubator. The founders receive - as a service - the complete handling of all administrative activities - including legal, tax and marketing activities. This allows them to focus purely on operations from the outset and generate revenues from day one. Evolution also affects service companies!

Opinions of the jury:

  • "practice-oriented, comprehensive service"

  • "a successful example of valuable partnerships for founders"

  • "gives courage and a helping hand to revitalize the economy and strengthen self-employment"

Sirocco mobile joins the group

Our new partner within the group, Sircco Mobile, strengthens our existing offer in the area of software development, especially advanced business and mobile systems. This will enable us to strengthen our competitive advantage based on state-of-the-art solutions, technologies and practices that can be accessed by our clients, regardless of the industry and scale of their business.
This is one more step in the implementation of the Integrator 2.0 strategy, which will allow us to respond even better to market needs.

something completly new
is coming ...

sharedforces Logo transparent.png
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

"Change is the most important base for long term growth, but change needs constant energy and awarness."

Invisible Organizational Culture

"The way we really get things done."

"The Iceberg" - that sinks organizational change

Element 4@3x.png

Visible Organizational Culture

"The way we say we get things done."



LG NEXERA Business Solutions AG

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(C) 2021 by LG Nexera Business Solutions AG

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