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About LG NEXERA Business Solutions AG

LG Soft was founded in 1995 as a software development company.

After sucessful growth in 1999 first new IT company was founded - as a spin off - and the business of founding new companies started.  In the year 2001 LG NEXERA Business Solutions AG was founded. 2004 EUVIC -  the first company outside of austria - was founded. In 2008 first time buying shares of existing IT company, the business as strategic investor has started. Within 25 years LG NEXERA grew to a Holding of more than 50 companies – partially through founding and partically through buying – active in 9 countries with more than 2.500 employees and round about 200 million Euro turnover.

Business Development – Incubator 2.0

With the given experience of founding more than 20 new companies with new partners - and bringing them together to sucess – we decided 2019 to start sharedforces – Incubator 2.0. 

Doubtlessly, there are many talented people having the dream of founding their own business, but the framework is blocking these ideas – from economical factors to „soft factors“ like a lack of courage and know-how.

Why should such people not be supported and provided with shared know-how which was acquired in many years ?

Thats the path we intend to follow as  LG Nexera Group in general, generating the following benefits:

  • Increase of effectiveness  for the participating enterprises

  • Quick generation of turnover

  • Several  mentors for new founders, ensuring the exchange of relevant expertise at highest level

  • Step by step introduction of new CEOs to the enterprise lifecycle, learning on the job

Strategic Investor

in IT Sector

Over the last 25 years we have gained a lot of experience as a strategic investor.
The most important difference is that we do not offer one classic model, but react flexibly to the person opposite facts & figures 

This is one of the models that has established itself as very successful:

  • Financing of building phase

  • Financing of investments for growth

  • Networking access to all the companies of LG Nexera (we are shareholder of more than 50 companies in 9 countries)

  • Building Cross Selling Cooperations

  • Individual operative Support on important cases


Facts & Figures



legal form

shareholder of

% shares held





public corporation

50+ companies

10% - 100%. average ca. 25%



200+ million Euro.

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We invest in people - not technology.

Join sharedforces – Incubator 2.0 to create your own company together with us.

Many people are too scared to take the step towards self-employment due to various different reasons. Lack of capital, lack of knowledge about the legal and administrative aspects of running your own business. Such reasons pose a high risk and are therefore the most common concerns. But are they really justified?  Not in our model!


With Shared Forces - Incubator 2.0, we have developed a new model for the start-up scene - containign a simple message - We invest in people.

In addition to our role as a strategic investor, we also support future founders as a full service provider. No prior knowledge of administrative, legal, tax or marketing matters is required, as we take care of these activities in the first year. This means that you can concentrate on your business operations right from the start and achieve turnover much faster.

Another distinguishing feature is our focus on individuals who want to set up their own business as classical service providers and run a growing company. 
You don't always need a new idea to be successful, a lot of times, being better than others in an existing business, is more than enough. 


Companies of LG NEXERA

EUVIC sp. z. o. o.

Main Area: Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Software Solutions, Telecommunications & Hardware


eduLAB is an Accelerator operating in the edtech area. edTech is a revolution in the world of science covering all areas of...

Team Connect

Main Area: Nearshore & Offshore IT Provider

Location: Warszawa, Poland

Business Sectors:Nearshore & Offshore IT Provider for all types of customers

EUVIC Software GmbH

Main Area: Software Development/ Software Solutions

Location: Vienna 

Business Sectors: Health Care, Public Sector



Main Area: IT Outsourcing & Data Center 

Location: Kraków, Poland 

Business Sectors: IT Sector... 

Shared Forces GmbH

Location: Vienna, Austria

Business Sector: Services

See the full list of companies that are part of LG Nexera Group.